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Mark Golden, MD, FACS -  - Ophthalmologist

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Mark Golden, MD, FACS

Ophthalmologist located in Streeterville, Chicago, IL

A great pair of glasses can do more than just enhance your vision; they can also boost your confidence. Ophthalmologist Mark Golden, MD, and the team at Doctors For Visual Freedom in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, can help you find an amazing new pair of glasses that will improve your vision and look great at the same time. Booking an appointment takes very little time online or over the phone, so don’t delay.

Glasses Q&A

What are eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are externally worn devices that improve your vision. They consist of a pair of corrective lenses held in place by a frame that fits over the bridge of your nose and over your ears. 

There are many different types of eyeglasses to choose from, and finding the right pair isn’t always easy. The first step is a comprehensive vision and eye health exam to determine the precise prescription needed to address your vision challenges. 

Single vision eyeglasses

These glasses are very common and work to correct either your near or far vision. They offer a wide field of vision and are often the most affordable option. 


Bifocal lenses correct more than one type of vision issue. They are created using different specifications across different areas of each lens. These are a good option if you experience both nearsightedness and farsightedness. 


These lenses add an additional corrective power to improve your intermediate vision. These can be great if you need to clarify your vision both up close and far away, but also need to focus on computer screens or other middle-distance items. 

Progressive lenses

These lenses have the ability to correct near, far, and intermediate vision without visible lines between different areas of each lens. They are easy to adjust to because there is no noticeable transition between powers, but some people find the limited field of vision to be problematic and prefer bifocals or trifocals instead. 

When you come in for your vision screening, Dr. Golden will discuss all available options, ensuring you have everything needed to make an informed decision about your care. 

Can eyeglasses help with color blindness?

Millions of people have trouble seeing certain colors, and some aren’t even aware that they are not able to visually perceive the world the same way as most people. Color blindness can be difficult to live with, and many people who can’t properly detect various shades of color could benefit from corrective lenses. 

The team at Doctors for Visual Freedom offer EnChroma glasses, a special type of eyeglasses that improve red-green color blindness, which is the most common type. If you are concerned that you might have color blindness, a quick and free online color blindness test can help you find answers. 

For more information about any type of glasses, call Doctors for Visual Freedom today to book an exam. Online scheduling is also an option, and it’s fast and easy.