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Eye Surgery Resources


Whether you are seeking vision correction, cosmetic treatments or assistance with eye disorders, our skilled surgical team has the tools to get you the results you desire. We offer a variety of treatments and have years of professional experience with thousands of patients. We invite you to use the variety of resources found in this website to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the options available to you.

  • Affordable vision correction is an important consideration. We offer a variety of financing options based on your needs to help make your decision that much easier.
  • Our Chicago patients are drawn to us from a range of professional backgrounds including optometrists, airline pilots, and business executives. Client testimonials on each doctor's page provides you with real-life insight into the experience provided at Doctors for Visual Freedom.
  • Having to arrive early for an appointment just to complete paperwork isn’t always convenient. All of our patient forms are online for you to print and complete at your leisure prior to your appointment.
  • Learn more about the anatomy of the eye with's informative Eye Anatomy diagrams.
  • If you are interested in learning more about organizations and other topics related to Doctors for Visual Freedom, Laser Vision Correction and cosmetic treatments, we offer a number of informative links that you may find of interest.
  • What is 20/20 Vision?
  • Learn about the History of Ophthalmology on our short yet informative page

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